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Litter Robots are the best automated litter box that we have had in our home. The cats love always having a clean litter box. And I love the low maintenance! It is truly plug and play technology. Once set up all I need to do is add clean litter every few days and change the waste tray as needed. Of the three models of Litter Robot, the Open Air is by far the best. So many features that we love on it. By far the best is the sensor which flashes a blue light when the waste tray is full.
I have owned a Litter Robot II since 2012. It worked flawlessly and still does, but I gave it to my brother for his cats once I got the Open Air model. He has reported no issues with it. He has two kittens that use the Litter Robot II from day one. Actually, one of the kittens was from Athena so that kitten learned to use the Litter Robot Open Air while living with me and Ginger Kitties Four.

One day as I was walking past the Litter Robot I was pleasantly surprised to see a tiny five week old kitten using it.  Even though there was a small traditional litter box right next to the Litter Robot Open Air for the kittens to use.  They bypassed it to use the same one as the big cats.  I know the kittens learned from the adult cats because they want to do what the big kitties are doing. I have videos of the kittens at five weeks of age using the Litter Robot Open Air on their own.  I set up my video camera to record all day long to catch the kittens using the Litter Robot Open Air. I purchased two 128 GB SD cards to be able to record 4K video on my Sony camcorder. I still need to edit the raw video footage to upload onto YouTube. Order your Litter Robot here.

Even Small Cats Love Litter Robot!


Athena is the smallest of my cats. She was just over five pounds before becoming pregnant, but currently she weighs just over seven pounds because she still has some milk in her teats. Helios and Athena both used a small traditional litter box until they were introduced to Zeus and Phoebe who were using the Litter Robot Open Air. All the cats love using the Open Air because of how roomy it is and that it is always clean. Well, now with kittens who weight less than five pounds it won’t cycle, but it’s not an issue as I push cycle button whenever I walk by, if needed.
If you have been searching for an automated litter box, the best one is the Litter Robot Open Air. I highly recommend it based on my experience and reviews that I have read online about other automated litter boxes. Because of my YouTube videos detailing the Litter Robot II and Open Air, I have received hundreds of emails from happy people thanking me for my reviews. People have told me that they purchased a Litter Robot because of my video.

Ever since I uploaded the Litter Robot comparison video, seen below, I have received numerous emails, and comments on the video, thanking me and saying my video was the deciding factor to spend the extra money on the Open Air. It is really, truly worth the money. You will save so much of your precious time and a lot of money on litter. Your back will thank you too, oh, and your lungs! I simply add a cup or two of litter as needed then change the waste bag when I see the flashing blue light indicating it is full. Order your Litter Robot here.

Have Big Cat, Litter Robot Has Plenty Of Room!


Zeus, seen in the photo on the left, is over 18 pounds and might be closer to 19 pounds now. He used to have to squeeze into the Litter Robot II. Then exit and turn around to bury his treasure. Look at how much room there is in the Litter Robot Open Air. Zeus loves it! If you have a big cat, you need the Open Air model! Your cat(s) will love you for it!
Oh! I almost forgot! I mentioned before about saving your back, lungs and money.  With the Litter Robot you won’t spend anytime bending over scooping a dirty, smelly litter box with dirty litter dust swirling around your face while you try to hold your breathe.  Your back will also thank you since you won’t have to carry so many boxes of litter into your house.  I buy the 40 pound boxes to save time and money, but with Litter Robot I actually purchase those boxes a lot less.

Back to people who send me emails.  Many people have complained about wasting their money on less expensive automated litter boxes that are made in China. Most people have told me that their Littermaid was always jamming and breaking so after wasting money on that they finally decided to purchase the Made In The USA Litter Robot. That is what I love about it. Litter Robot is Made In The USA and is actually built with high quality parts. Litter Robot has customer support and service at their facilities here in the USA. You won’t be calling overseas talking to a third party call center employee.
Other people have complained about their purchases of other models like the Arm & Hammer automatic litter box, the ScoopFree automatic litter box, the PetSafe Simply Clean automatic litter box, the SmartScoop self scooping litter box, the CatGenie self flushing litter box, the Nature’s Miracle automatic litter box, and the Pet Zone Smart Scoop automatic litter box. People have various reasons and issues with all of those. But with Litter Robot only a couple people complained that they cat wouldn’t use it. That’s a simple fix. Turn it off, then your cat will use it. Manually cycle it until they get used to it. One lady who posted on our facebook page told me that is what she did. After three days, the cats were using it in automatic mode! Order your Litter Robot here.

Kittens Love Using Litter Robot Too!


Kittens as young as 5 weeks old are able to climb up into a Litter Robot to use it, or even wrestle in their own private sand box. See Willow & Finn when they were cute, tiny kittens using the big cats Litter Robot here

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