Ginger Kitties Four

Zeus, Phoebe, Helios & Athena

Live Streaming of Litter Robot

All of our kitties love their Litter Robot.  Various times around the clock you might catch a glimpse of Zeus, Phoebe, Helios, Athena, Willow or Finn doing their business, or even playing in it (Finn!).   The Litter Robot truly save money on litter, time from your busy schedule, your back, and your lungs.  It is quick and easy to add litter as needed and change the bag when the light indicates it’s full.  The Litter Robot also comes with a Connect App that works on your mobile phone via Wi-Fi – see our videos on it here

Click here to read more about the Litter Robot

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During warmer months you may hear our central A/C running in the background.  The camera mic makes it sound much louder than it is in-person.

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