Ginger Kitties Four

Zeus, Phoebe, Helios & Athena


Litter-Robot Open-Air Review – Will the cats use it?

Automated Pet Care Products sent us their latest model, the Open-Air.  The kitties love their Litter-Robot II bubble unit, but it is kinda a tight fit for Zeus.  A few months ago Zeus left me a present outside of the Litter-Robot II indicating his displeasure squeezing into it.  He has to exit to turn around…

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Athena is a tired kitty

Athena wants to be next to me and fell asleep on my computer keyboard tray.  She always wants to be near me.  She still sleeps right next to my head when I sleep on my side or stomach. When I turn over, she gets up and moves over to curl up next to my face.

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Best Automatic Litter Box for #Cats & #Kittens

Cat and tiny kittens love using the Litter Robot. See how it engulfs litter that is not buried by a cat. Save $25 on your purchase of Litter-Robot Open Air by clicking here: : Many people ask, “Will my cat use the litter robot?” “Can large/small/old cats use the litter-robot?” “How do I get…

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